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Ramin Hoodlers Ramin Hoodlers

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Nice work, keep doing what you do best.

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Atonement Atonement

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What shading techniques did you use? If you don't mind me asking, I'm also looking for some effective shading styles. This is very good artwork, posing is nice along with color choice and shading.

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Psychosoup responds:

I did a simple shading job with a hard brush on the bottom then added mid tones on the same layer. On a new layer I used a soft brush to define the shadows and mid tones with some of the details of the skin. Highlights and darker shadows were added to the same layer with a different brush.
Then I combined the layers and used the dodge and burn tools on a low setting I rendered the small details with a small soft brush and the eyedropper tool.

I hope this helps!

Thank you very much for the vote and the follow~!

Tie Tie

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Nice work!

GearBuilder responds:

Thank you that means alot dude !